12 Distinct Bus Stops All Over The World

This dreamy bus stop, situated on the little island of Shodoshima, was developed by Japanese designer Yo Shimada of the company Tato. Neglecting a gorgeous green valley, it is developed to appear like water lilies drifting on a pond, with the pads made from 90 steel discs. “For individuals waiting on a bus, these disks can work as benches or tables, or they can use shade, depending upon their requirements,” states the designer.

Shizuoka, Japan

Picture: Toshiyuki Yano

In Shizuoka, not far from Tokyo, the Japanese studio Expect Style Workplace developed this bus shelter that appears like it might be in an anime movie. Providing commuters shelter below huge umbrellas, it’s a poetic and practical reinterpretation of the bus stop.

Isahaya, Japan

Picture: Yuko Yamada

Yuko Yamada

The Japanese island of Nagasaki has a variety of wonderful collection of distinct bus stops motivated by fruits. Formed like an apricot, a strawberry, a watermelon, or other fruits, they lighten up the town of Konagi, simply outside the city of Isahaya. There are 16 overall, and all lie along a stretch of National Roadway 207. They were developed for the cultural exhibit The Journey Exposition Nagasaki, kept in 1990, and they still draw in curious visitors.

Blackpool, England

Picture: View Pictures/Getty Images

Picture: View Pictures/Getty Images

English designer Ian McChesney developed his Wind Shelters in cooperation with the town of Blackpool, in northern England, for its seaside boardwalk. Resting on unique cushioned bearings, they turn carefully in the wind while safeguarding users from any gusts. “The shape was substantiated of the requirement for a weathervane to turn the structure and a deflector to secure its residents from the wind,” McChesney states.

Krumbach, Austria

Picture: Adolf Bereuter

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