What is the Atomic Mass of Boron?

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Atomic Mass of Boron is (* ). A) 10.81

B) 10.04

C) 11.42

D) 14.81


: Alternative

A) 10.81 is appropriate. Description

: Atomic Mass of any compound is the amount of the variety of protons and the variety of neutrons in the nucleus of that atom.

For Boron,

Variety Of Protons = 5

  • Variety Of Neutrons = 6
  • Hence,

Atomic Mass of Boron = 5 + 6 = 11

In outright terms, the typical atomic mass of Boron is

10.81 amu. It is computed considering all the isotopes of Boron. It has generally 2 steady isotopes,

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01 May, 2023
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