Is Columbia, SC a Great Location to Live?

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, Columbia uses a distinct mix of historical beauty and contemporary features. As the state capital, it’s a busy city that’s house to numerous institution of higher learnings, making it a lively and varied neighborhood. However, like any location, there are advantages and disadvantages to living in Columbia Whether you’re a resident or a visitor checking out the Columbia real estate market, this city has an entire stack of benefits that more than offset any drawbacks.

In this Redfin post, we’ll weigh the benefits versus the downsides to calling South Carolina’s capital your brand-new house.

Soft light on the downtown buildings in Columbia, South Carolina

Pros of residing in Columbia


Columbia’s price is a substantial benefit, whether you’re purchasing a home or leasing a house in the heart of the city. The expense of living in Columbia is lower than the nationwide average and substantially lower than other significant U.S. cities. Real estate expenses, in specific, are extremely affordable. The average house cost in Columbia is around $244K, which is significantly less than the average house cost in other significant cities such as New York City or Los Angeles

In Addition, Columbia has a range of choices for affordable home entertainment, such as complimentary shows and celebrations throughout the year which can truly decrease the expense of living there. There are likewise numerous parks and outside areas to check out, and a lot of them are complimentary to the general public. Eating in restaurants in Columbia can likewise be fairly economical, with lots of budget-friendly dining establishments and coffee shops to pick from.

Southern Appeal

Columbia is understood for its inviting and friendly environment, which is a substantial draw for numerous homeowners. The city has a strong sense of neighborhood, with homeowners taking pride in their home town and interacting to make it a terrific location to live. An exceptional example of this is the Soda City Market, which occurs every Saturday early morning in downtown Columbia. It’s a farmers market, craft fair, and neighborhood event all in one, where residents come together to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, handcrafted crafts, and distinct presents, and to overtake their next-door neighbors. The marketplace is a terrific method to experience Columbia’s Southern beauty firsthand, and it’s a cherished regional custom.

Moderate Environment

Columbia’s environment is another benefit for those wanting to reside in a comfy year-round environment. The city has a damp subtropical environment, which indicates hot summer seasons and cool winter seasons. Nevertheless, the temperature levels seldom reach severe levels, with the most popular month, July, balancing a high of around 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest month, January, balancing a low of around 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This moderate environment enables homeowners to delight in outside activities throughout the year, from treking and cycling in the spring and be up to boating and swimming in the summer season.

Summer outdoor water fun in the backyard

Abundant History

Columbia has an abundant and interesting history, with numerous landmarks and websites to check out. The South Carolina State Home is a spectacular structure that has actually been the seat of the state federal government because 1786. It’s open to the general public for trips, and visitors can see historical files, paintings, and sculptures. The Columbia Museum of Art is another excellent example of the city’s history, with a collection that covers centuries of European and American art, along with contemporary and modern works. Lastly, the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is a must-visit for anybody thinking about the nature of the location, including over 2,000 animals from worldwide, consisting of uncommon and endangered types.

Terrific Food

Columbia is understood for its tasty Southern food, which is an emphasize for foodies and casual restaurants alike. Barbecue is a specific specialized, with regional areas like Southern Stubborn Belly Barbeque and Doc’s Barbecue dishing out savory pulled pork and brisket. Seafood is another popular alternative, with dining establishments like Blue Marlin and Pearlz Oyster Bar offering fresh and tasty meals. For something sweet, Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles is a regional preferred, with its well-known chicken and waffles combination and tasty sweet potato pie. In general, there’s no lack of wonderful dining choices in Columbia, and homeowners can quickly check out a range of foods and designs.

Cons of residing in Columbia


While the moderate environment in Columbia is typically a plus, there is one significant drawback: the sticky, damp summer seasons. For some folks, the humidity is no huge offer, and they can manage a bit of sweat and frizzy hair. However for others, the humidity can be downright intolerable, turning a leisurely walk through the park into a sauna-like experience. Residents have all sorts of ideas and techniques for making it through the summer season, from bring an individual fan to preventing outside activities throughout the most popular parts of the day. And let’s not forget the dreadful “humidity hair”– that puffy, frizzy appearance that appears to defy all efforts at taming. So, if you’re preparing to make Columbia your house, simply be gotten ready for a little additional wetness in the air and possibly purchase an excellent leave-in conditioner.

girl with mosquito bite, scratching hand has motion blur,


Prior to you relocate to Columbia feel in one’s bones you’ll remain in a consistent fight with the state bird: the mosquito. While these pesky pests are not distinct to Columbia, they do appear to have a specific affinity for the location’s warm and damp environment. As an outcome, residents have actually ended up being professionals at mosquito avoidance strategies, from slathering on insect repellent to tactically placing citronella candle lights around their backyards. If there is any relief, mosquitos there tend to come swarming in seasons, so no concerns due to the fact that it will not last permanently. Be prepared to make good friends with some scratchy bumps and purchase lots of bug spray.

Restricted night life

While there are definitely bars and clubs in the location, the scene might not be as comprehensive or varied. Some visitors or brand-new homeowners might discover that the choices for after-hours home entertainment can feel restricted, particularly if they are utilized to a more lively night life. Part of the factor for this might be the size of the city.

That being stated, Columbia still has plenty to use for those wanting to delight in a night out on the town. The city has a variety of popular bars and clubs, and there are likewise lots of dining establishments and coffee shops that remain open late, along with outside parks and places that host occasions and shows throughout the year. While it might not use the exact same level of night life choices as some bigger cities, Columbia can still be an enjoyable and satisfying location to invest a night with good friends or enjoyed ones.

Cars in the street

Restricted transport

Columbia’s transport choices can be an obstacle for those without access to an automobile, with a Stroll Rating of 35 out of 100, a Transit Rating of 0 out of 100, and a Bike Rating of 35 out of 100. While the city does have some public transport choices, such as buses and shuttle bus, the system might not be as detailed or effective as in other cities, making it tough for those who depend on public transport to navigate the city. Furthermore, Finding parking in specific parts of Columbia can be tough due to the fact that the facilities might not be as established or comprehensive as in other locations.

Cyclone seasons

One prospective downside to residing in Columbia is the threat of typhoons throughout the Atlantic typhoon season, which generally ranges from June to November. While Columbia is not situated straight on the coast, it’s still susceptible to the impacts of typhoons, such as heavy rains, strong winds, and power blackouts. In the past, the city has actually experienced damage from typhoons and hurricanes, such as Cyclone Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Michael in 2018. While homeowners can take safety measures to get ready for a cyclone, the threat of residential or commercial property damage and prospective evacuation can be an issue for some.

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