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With the realty market continuing to change here in the United States, since the writing of this short article, lots of Real estate agents are when again searching for expert realty pictures to assist offer their residential or commercial properties, consisting of outside pictures offered by drone operators.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

With many kinds of drones on the marketplace, in addition to extreme costs varying from really inexpensive to really pricey, lots of wanting to do drone realty photography might be questioning what the very best budget plan drones are, particularly genuine Estate photography.

The very best budget plan drones genuine estate photography in between the $750– $1300 variety are the DJI Mini 3 Pro, Air 2S and Autel Evo Lite+.

What To Search For

When speaking of finest and budget plan, this is relative based upon a couple of elements such as:

  1. What specific function (market) the devices is going to be utilized for
  2. The preferred outcomes striving stated market, and
  3. Just how much cash can reasonably be invested to get the preferred outcomes

When it concerns Property photography, among the most essential elements is the quality of the images being produced for the customer.

Sure you could utilize a $100 or $200 drone to catch the beyond the house, however would the images produced reveal the house well? Would they assist in the sale of the house?

The 3 drones we advise in this short article do rather well (even wonderfully) for those wanting to remain under the $1300 mark, which is substantially under the rates of the higher-tiered, prosumer drones genuine Estate photography, such as the Mavic 3 line of drones.


When shooting realty photography, you ‘d usually wish to catch images that are around 20mp or greater.

Doing so help in post-editing cropping and framing, which types somewhat on the image based upon framing requirements, all without decreasing the photo resolution excessive.

Naturally, this is not Law. There are a lot of drones that produce 12mp pictures that still look fantastic, particularly when controlled in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Note: The MLS (Several Listing Service or Several Listing System) tends to compress images, or need lower-resolution pictures to be published, based upon the area the house is being offered.

When it concerns the 3 drones in this short article, they are all efficient in shooting greater than 12mp pictures, with one design able to produce 48mp images, as we’ll talk about in each drone’s specific functions area.

Battery Life

When out shooting Property pictures, battery life is something that may go undetected by lots of however is still an extremely essential element of the shooting job.

For instance, drones that have thirty minutes of battery life, suggest that a drone operator can anticipate to get at least 22 minutes of flight time if landing at the suggested 25% to 30% mark.

Drones with greater capability batteries can anticipate longer flight times.

Flight times, obviously, differ due to the existing climate condition at the time of flight.

Worldwide of Property photography, due to potentially having numerous shoots daily, every minute of battery life counts. A drone’s capability to accommodate this is really essential.

Barrier Avoidance

Although not a requirement, barrier avoidance is a fantastic tool for a Property professional photographer to have.

The factor is that it enables you to need to concentrate on one less thing when attempting to get that best shot or frame up the house to your taste.

Naturally, we constantly advise paying attention to the environments whenever flying.

Nevertheless, having barrier avoidance enables you to concentrate on the photography more, while still looking out to close-by blockages.

Size & & Flight Qualities

Another essential element to check out when buying a drone for Real Estate work is how workable it is in the air.

There are a couple of drones out there that are harder to fly than others. In part, these are the Inspire series, and even the Phantom lines for some.

When picking a drone for Real Estate photography, you’ll desire something that is at least little adequate to enter into locations that a bigger drone may have trouble accessing, for framing functions.

Early on in my Property photography profession, I utilized Phantom 4 Pros, and there were several times having a smaller sized drone would have made a world of distinction for specific shots.

Extra Factors To Consider

Something else that may be essential as a drone Property professional photographer is whether a drone is geofenced or not.

For those not mindful, geofencing is the procedure of limiting a drone from getting in numerous airspace or geographical zones through the producer’s flight software application and firmware.

This is an essential factor to consider as one may require to take pictures of a house in a geofenced location and be restricted from doing so, even with the appropriate LAANC permissions.

Luckily, with the brand-new DJI Fly software application this is ending up being something that happens less frequently.

In my case, when this has actually occurred with the appropriate LAANC permissions, I have actually just relied on among our Autel Evos to do the required outside shots.

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Since taking photos and videos of houses for sale with drones falls under business functions, or the furtherance of service, anybody wanting to do drone Property photography, in the United States, requires to be Part 107 Licensed.

To learn more on the Part 107 Accreditation procedure, please see these short articles:

With that being stated, here are our options for the very best Spending Plan Drones genuine Estate photography.

1. DJI Mini 3 Pro

Image Credit: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

✅ Pros

  • Little size
  • Rate
  • Terrific looking pictures
  • Tri-directional vision sensing units
  • Plus sized batteries
  • Capability to utilize DJI RC, DJI RC Pro
  • Lower prop pitch

❌ Cons

  • No 1 ″ image sensing unit
  • Not a real 48mp image
  • Not as steady in windy conditions as the Air Two or Evo Lite+
  • Geo-fenced

It is not a surprise the Mini 3 Pro has actually made this list. As the Pro in the name would recommend, the Mini 3 Pro does have a great deal of Expert functions that Property professional photographers would value.

Although the DJI Mini 3 can be found in numerous bundles and combinations, we are highlighting the least pricey variation of the Mini 3 Pro for this budget plan short article.

Size & & Weight

The Mini 3 Pro is the latest and tiniest drone of the lot, as can be seen in the relative title photo.

With its little size comes less irritating pitched props than the Air Two and Auel Evo Lite+. This is a fantastic function as it draws in less attention than bigger drones.

The Mini 3 Pro weighing less than 250g, in this case, does not suggest it is exempt from registration in the United States. If you are utilizing a drone for Real Estate photography in the United States, you should be Part 107 accredited and the Mini 3 Pro needs to be signed up, no matter its weight.


Although not a 1 ″ image sensing unit that Property professional photographers in basic choose, the Mini 3 Pro has a 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing unit. The images taken with the Mini 3 Pro are fantastic for Real Estate photography.

Mini 3 Pro– Image Credit: Dan Bayne/AISCF

Part of this is because of the Mini 3 Pro having an extremely big repaired aperture at f1.7, which enables it to take in more light than the f2.8 aperture lots of drones have.

This is particularly helpful when taking pictures of houses in dark and woody locations, or throughout sundown when attempting to get that best golden shot.

Although the Mini 3 Pro just has a 12MP cam ( the like lots of cellular phone), it takes fantastic pictures. Nevertheless, as pointed out prior, there is an choice to shoot 48MP pictures.

This is done through software application procedures that control the pixels in the Mini 3 Pros cam. The 48mp images produced with the Mini 3 Pro are outstanding and sharp.

Property professional photographers will likewise value that the Mini 3 Pro takes JPEG and RAW images concurrently. Having this versatility operates in lots of kinds of workflows and might even be utilized as backups if several images end up being damaged.

In addition, for those that either like to assemble their own HDR pictures from bracketed shots in Lightroom or Photoshop or shoot straight HDR, the Mini 3 Pro is likewise able to shoot single-shot HDR pictures in addition to Automatic Direct exposure Bracketing (AEB), 3 to 5 frames at 2 and 3 EV stops.

Battery Life

As is quite commonly understood in the drone neighborhood, the Mini 3 Pro has 2 various variations of batteries:

  • The Basic choice battery has flight times of approximately 34 minutes
  • The Plus choice battery has flight times of approximately 47 minutes

While the basic choice with its 34 minutes of flight times is great, the Plus choice need to particularly be of interest to Property professional photographers.

Having a battery that lasts for more than thirty minutes straight guarantees having the ability to get more pictures prior to needing to turn whatever off and put in fresh ones, conserving time.

Although the majority of people will not get 47 minutes of flight time out of the Plus choice, if you land at 25%, reasonably, you need to accomplish about 35 minutes or two of in-air time.

Barrier Avoidance

The Mini 3 Pro has tri directional vision sensing units: Front, Back, and Bottom.

Up up until just recently, this was something unusual in a Mini DJI drone and is in fact among the alternatives that classify it as a Pro drone.

With these sensing units, the Mini 3 Pros barrier avoidance system works effectively notifying to and preventing lots of blockages by either braking and even walking around them.

What the system is doing not have are the leading and side sensing units discovered in higher-end drones, like the Mavic 3 line, which has omnidirectional systems, covering the whole drone.


Unfortunately, the Mini 3 Pro (like the majority of its DJI brother or sisters) features geofencing. There’s no avoiding it.

With the improvements in the DJI Fly app, opening and flying in these zones, after asking for LAANC permissions, has actually ended up being much easier and less noticeable.

Remote Controllers

The Mini 3 Pro is not just able to be managed with the low-priced DJI RC-N1 remote controller however can likewise utilize the DJI RC, in addition to the higher-tiered DJI RC Pro.

Having access to a clever controller is a huge plus, as you have the ability to get up and in the air much faster than utilizing a basic controller and smart device mix.

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2. DJI Air Two

Image Credit: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

✅ Pros

  • 1 ″ Image sensing unit
  • 20mp pictures
  • 4-way barrier avoidance system
  • Capability to utilize DJI RC, DJI RC Pro, and initial DJI Smart Controller
  • Rate to specifications ratio/Best bang for the dollar

❌ Cons

  • Typical battery life
  • A little older tech
  • Geo-fenced

While the DJI Air 2S is older than the Mini 3 Pro, it has much of the exact same “more recent” innovation discovered on the similarity the Mini 3 series and even the Mavic 3 line.

With the Air two being somewhat older, there are lots of chances to discover systems at fantastic costs, either in the utilized market and even brand-new online.

Here, we have a whole brand name brand-new flymore combination, fairly priced, total with whatever you’ll require for a complete Property shoot, consisting of video if preferred.

If you decide not to by the whole fly more combination, you can conserve hundreds.

Size & & Weight

Compared to the Mini 3 Pro, the Air two is a couple of inches longer and an inch taller or two.

Where the genuine size distinction can be found in is the weight department. Whereas the Mini 3 Pro is 249g, offer or take, the Air two is somewhat double that weight, at 595g.

With this included weight distinction comes more steady flight in windy conditions.

Although this is really essential when shooting Property videos, the Air two being more steady in windy conditions suggests much easier shot framing, given that the Air two isn’t moving as much in the wind as the smaller sized and lighter Mini 3 Pro.


The Air two was the very first DJI-branded mid-tier drone to get a 1 ″ sensing unit, which was formerly scheduled for higher-end Prosumer drones like the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic 2 Pro lines.

Air 2S– Image Credit: Dan Bayne/AISCF

The Air 2S cam can shoot 20mp images while taking those pictures in both JPEG and RAW formats, concurrently.

Having a 1 ″ sensing unit is best genuine Estate professional photographers, as it enables more light to be recorded, allowing you to shoot with an increased vibrant variety, while keeping the ISO low, therefore keeping the sound in the image to a minimum, producing crisp pictures.

Like with the Mini 3 Pro, the Air two can shoot single-shot HDR pictures in addition to Automatic Direct exposure Bracketing (AEB), 3 to 5 frames at 2 and 3 EV stops.

Battery Life

The Air 2S has 2 sizes of batteries, 3750 mAh and 3500 mAh. Nevertheless, DJI states The 2 battery variations are essentially the exact same in regards to battery life and propulsion efficiency.

While these batteries do not have the exact same 47 minutes of flight time as the Mini 3 Pros Plus choice batteries, they are ranked to fly approximately 34 minutes, which is equivalent to the Mini 3 Pros Requirement battery choice.

Landing at around 25% need to get near to 25 minutes of flight time, depending upon the climate condition.

Barrier Avoidance

Like with the 1 ″ sensing unit, the mid-tier Air 2S is the very first non-DJI prosumer drone to be geared up with a 4-way vision sensing unit system: Front, Back, Top, and Bottom.

The addition of the odd-looking leading sensing units suggests that the Air two can picking up and preventing blockages above it, rather helpful when flying beneath trees, so regarding frame up that best shot of a house.

The extra leading sensing units, which likewise ever so somewhat deal with the front of the drone, offer an included layer of defense when flying forward, as the leading sensing units likewise find challenges and blockages in front of the drone too.


Similar To the Mini 3 Pro, the Air two is likewise geofenced. This is something we’ll likewise anticipate to see in a lot of, if not all, upcoming DJI drones.

Nevertheless, once again, with the improvements in the DJI Fly app, opening and flying in these zones has actually ended up being much easier and less noticeable than opening zones in previous DJI flight apps.

Remote Controllers

The Air two deals with the following remote controllers:

  • DJI RC-N1
  • DJ RC
  • DJI Smart Controller
  • DJI RC Pro

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DJI Air 2S Fly More Combination

Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal Cam, 5.4 K Video, 1-Inch CMOS Sensing Unit, 4 Instructions of Barrier Sensing, 31-Min Flight Time, Max 7.5-Mile Video Transmission, MasterShots, Gray

Purchase From Amazon

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

05/20/2023 03:29 pm GMT

3. Autel Evo Lite+

Image Credit: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

✅ Pros

  • 1 ″ Image sensing unit
  • 20mp pictures
  • Completely adjustable aperture (f2.8– f11)
  • Good battery life
  • Capability to utilize the Autel SE Smart Controller
  • No Geofencing

❌ Cons

  • Expensive
  • Slower in-flight reaction times

Although DJI is among the more identifiable drone brand names and has actually been the market leader in customer and prosumer drones for several years, Autel Robotics is a skilled rival that also makes outstanding quality drones.

The Autel Evo Lite+ rests on the greater end of the spectrum for this short article, in regards to both weight and rates. The good news is, it has expert functions that work well genuine Estate photography.

Size & & Weight

As pointed out, the Autel Evo Lite+ is a bigger and much heavier drone than the Mini 3 Pro and the Air two.

Weighing in at a significant 835g, the Evo Lite+, like the Air two, manages windy weather condition rather well. Nevertheless, with this included weight comes a less active drone.

With the flight EXP settings completely tailored, I was never ever able to get the Evo Lite+ to fly as zippy as either of the abovementioned DJI drones.

Naturally, this refers choice, though lots of may discover it a small unfavorable.

Genuine Estate photography functions, maybe a less responsive drone can be valued more than in other kinds of environments or customer work.


The Evo Lite+ has a 1 ″ image sensing unit like the DJI Air 2S.

This obviously is the exact same size as the image sensing units discovered in a number of the popular brand names of expert mirrorless video cameras produced by Canon and Sony.

Autel Evo Lite+– Image Credit: Dan Bayne/AISCF

The Lite+ can shoot 20MP JPEG or DNG (RAW) images separately, or you can select to shoot JPEG and DNG concurrently.

This works for those desiring just one image format, therefore conserving area on the SD card.

Various than the 2 DJI drones in this short article, the Evo Lite+ cam likewise has an adjustable aperture, adjustable from f2.8 to f11.

If having an adjustable aperture is a need to for your Property photography requires, the Autel Evo Lite+ is the drone for you.

The Evo Lite+ can shoot Automatic Direct exposure Bracketing (AEB) in addition to single-shot HDR pictures.

Battery Life

The Evo Lite+ has one battery choice, nevertheless, that a person battery choice is ranked for 40-minute flight times.

If you are landing at 25%, that need to net you near to thirty minutes of flight time, depending upon the existing climate condition.

Barrier Avoidance

The Evo Lite+ has a tri-directional vision system: Front, Back, and Bottom.

In my screening, the Evo Lite+ barrier avoidance system works as anticipated relating to notifying to and stopping well prior to can be found in contact with blockages.

Like the Mini 3 Pro, the system is doing not have, at the minimum, the leading sensing units discovered in the equivalent Air two.


Out of all of the drones we advise genuine Estate photography, the Evo Lite+ is the just one without geofencing integrated in.

Unlike the Evo II line of drones, Autel states it will not present geofencing to the Evo Lite series.

This is great news for those that would rather give up any possible geo zone opening headaches some have actually dealt with in the past at completely licensed shooting places, myself consisted of.

Remote Controllers

Like the Mini 3 Pro and Air 2S, the Evo Lite+ also has access to a clever controller.

The Autel SE wise controller has a 6.4 ″ LCD screen, which is practically an inch bigger than the screens on the DJI RC and DJI RC Pro controllers.

” MORE: Autel Evo Lite+ Evaluation

Autel Robotics Evo Lite+ Premium Package

1″ CMOS Sensing Unit with 6K HDR Cam, No Geo-Fencing, 3-Axis Gimbal, 3-Way Barrier Avoidance, 40Min Flight Time, 7.4 Miles Transmission, Lite Plus More Combination.

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