Lessons Gained From Season 4: Submarine Cables & AI

Although TeleGeography Describes the Web checks out all locations of the international company of connection, there are some hot subjects that require additional attention.

Submarine cable televisions and expert system are 2 examples. Both are greatly covered in journalism and on everybody’s minds today– including our podcast visitors.

Here are some highlights pulled from Season 4. Listen as professionals weigh in on using subsea cable televisions as seismic tracking networks, utilizing AI in network tracking, and more.

Episode 411
$ 10 Billion in Submarine Cables

When you wish to speak about submarine cable televisions, you talk with Research study Director Alan Mauldin. Eavesdrop to become aware of significant cable television advancements. Complete episode ▶

Episode 418
Locating Itty Bitty Cables

Experts like Lane find and validate information on numerous cable televisions to keep our well-known cable television map precise and upgraded. Complete episode ▶

Episode 424
Seafloor Cables as Sensors

Dr. Mike Clare from the National Oceanography Centre discusses how submarine cable televisions can assist offer information about the ocean flooring. Complete episode ▶

Episode 417
Discovering the Future of Networking

Rohan Singh, Vice President of Customer Solutions at Marlabs, shares his suggestions for business in requirement of network engineering skill. (Tip: construct a pipeline of engineers fresh out of college and get present facilities experts comfy with more recent innovations, like AI.) Complete episode ▶

Episode 422
Why AI in Network Tracking?

Kannan Kothandaraman, Co-Founder and CEO at Selector AI, speaks about how AI for networking is establishing. Complete episode ▶

Season 5 will be here prior to you understand it.

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