HFND Multi Technique Return Tracker: Not An Appealing Start

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A couple of months back, I composed an initiation short article on the Endless HFND Multi Technique Return Tracker ETF ( NYSEARCA: HFND). I bewared on the technique, as I feared HFND’s technique of duplicating the hedge fund market’s gross of

HFND has lagged equity markets

Figure 1 – HFND has actually lagged equity markets (Looking for Alpha)

HFND returns performance

Figure 2 – HFND returns efficiency (unlimtedetfs.com)

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index

Figure 3 – Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index has actually returned 2.3% YTD (eurekahedge.com)

HFND has underperformed 4 out of 6 months

Figure 4 – HFND has actually underperformed Eurekahedge 4 out of 6 months (Author developed with information from Portfolio Visualizer and Eurekahedge.com)

HFND vs. All-Weather and 60/40

Figure 5 – HFND vs. All-Weather and 60/40 (Author developed with Portfolio Visualizer)

HFND has significantly trailed All-weather and 60/40

Figure 6 – HFND has actually substantially routed All-weather and 60/40 (Author developed with Portfolio Visualizer)

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