ADU 01280: How can drones aid and improve disaster relief missions?

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Today’s show is on disaster relief and how drones can aid disaster missions. As we see the devastating damage from Hurricanes in recent times, we wanted to talk about drone missions and technology that can greatly aid and improve relief efforts in impacted areas and how drone pilots can effectively use drone missions during relief efforts.

We first talk about the drone missions that are commonly used during relief efforts and why these missions are important to relief efforts. We discuss the common deliverables from these missions and how pilots can be prepared to deploy and complete successful missions in an efficient fashion. We also discuss other aspects of drone use in relief efforts specifically on live feeds and its implications.

In today’s show we also discuss the frequently debated topics of using Fixed wing UAV vs Multi rotor drones in carrying out relief efforts over large areas. We also touch upon another important aspects of drone flight – software and discuss the use of different software packages for rescue missions.

Lastly we talk about how companies operating in public safety can monetize their efforts better from state and federal agencies that includes funding for rescue missions.

Tune in today to learn comprehensively about flying and perfecting rescue missions for disaster relief.

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[03:08] What drone missions can aid in rescue and relief efforts during natural disasters?
[06:43] Three common deliverables in drone missions aiding relief efforts
[11:18] Is it common to use drone live feed during rescue missions?
[12:23] Do fixed wing UAV have an advantage over multi rotor drones?
[16:10] What software packages are the most capable for drone missions ?
[20:23] How can public safety companies or contractors monetize their efforts from stage and federal agencies including funding.
[21:35] Learn about the PROPS public safety courses and programs

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