3rd International Drone Show Competition Winners

3rd International Drone Show CompetitionThe winners of the 3rd International Drone Show Competition have been announced!

SPH Engineering, a major provider of drone show software, sponsored an international drone show competition that drew entries from 31 countries.  Drone show designers competed to win in 5 different categories:

  • Best Animation Drone show
  • Best Integrated Drone show
  • Best Promotional Drone show
  • Best Drone Show Storytelling
  • Best Drone Show at the Event

The winners came from all over the world, showcasing the technology and their creativity.  Drone shows have become ever more popular, showing up at events from concerts and sporting events to major city-wide holiday celebrations.  Unlike fireworks, drone shows can be performed indoors and can include elaborate animation.

  • 2 winners in the “Best drone show animation” nomination: Drone Show Animations team from Portugal & Diffuse x Titouan Malivoir from France,
  • “Best drone show storytelling“ nomination winner: Celestial from the United Kingdom,
  • 2 winners in the “Best drone show at the event” nomination: Kaohsiung City Government Bureau of Cultural Affairs from Taiwan & Andrei Golenev from the United Arab Emirates,
  • “Best promotional drone show”  nomination winner: Lumasky from the United Arab Emirates,
  • “Best integrated show: Fireworks and Drones” nomination winner: Sky Elementsfrom the United States of America.

“This Competition showed that the drone show industry is indeed one of the fastest growing areas today. I am delighted with the level that some of the contestants have reached in just a few months. A number of companies offer the market such ideas that it seems as if better and more interesting is no longer possible. But drone show choreographers, show producers, and leaders of drone show teams push the boundaries of the possible every time! Every finalist is strong! We would love to reward everyone, but rules are rules! Next year we will further expand the concept in accordance with the wishes and requests of the community,” said Alex Levandovskiy, head of the Drone Show Software division at SPH Engineering.

Beyond the entertainment value, drone show software showcases drone swarm capabilities and the potential for m:n (one operator, many drones) operations.

Check out these amazing videos of some of the winning shows, and the announcement video with clips:

Best in Show: Order in Chaos, and Chaos in Order:

Best Animation:

Read more:

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