Reducing the Time for Data Collection and Market Analysis


Hi, my name is Seema Joshi and I am really thankful to Great Learning for giving me an opportunity to give a brief note about how data science has changed our lives, especially mine. Although I have a successful academic career in my domain focusing on commerce background, I started to realize the increasing significance of data science both in academia and the corporate world, and I wanted to specialize in it. Currently, I am working as a Brand Manager at MintWud (PepperFry).

Before joining the program, I tried several well-known e-learning platforms for data science. However, I was disappointed that most courses were either too short and superficial, or they were detailed to the point where he was left confused. I had a hard time finding in-depth and comprehensive courses that also consistently showed the big picture necessary for data analysis. After reviewing and comparing many platforms, my search got ended at Great Learning. Here, I got a systematic way of learning things. Having started from scratch, the structured modules prevented me from losing my way in the complex world of data analytics. The knowledge and experience I gained from the Great Learning course PGPDSBA has made my life easier and more exciting in many practical areas. I applied the knowledge of Excel formulas in personal financial planning; I also began writing machine learning models and started doing statistical analysis using Python. And with newly acquired Tableau skills, I was finally able to visualize and share my research results with others in an engaging way.

Problem Statement: Previously we had to use different techniques to get the analysis done from the market. We used to run surveys online and offline to gather information about the market, and use other ERP tools to handle and create data for the company. It is always more than a week to get the demand percentage of a product from the market about a single product. But with the help of machine learning models and Tableau, we are able to do it within a week for a brand lineup of the products and not just a single product.

Impact Generated: Hence it has helped me to get the demand curve and sentiment analysis of the market to be increased by 200%. As we are now able to get the information collected, collated, and prepared for the next plan of action for a whole brand line within a week. We are trying to get things done more with automation rather than doing it offline.

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