ADU 01254: Which drone should be used for measuring height & width of houses?

Today’s question is from Jannik, who is performing photogrammetry missions and for his requirements needs to measure the height and width of buildings, however he would like to know what drone is best suited for his requirement, a drone that can effortlessly provide accurate measurements

We begin our response to Jannik by going over the many requirements of performing a mapping mission and how pilots need to consider them for ensuring quality deliverables. We then delve into accuracy of mapping missions and what factors influence accuracy and how pilots need to keep them in mind while purchasing a drone.

We also delve into the technical aspects of performing linear and vertical measurements using a drone and how pilots can effectively use their drone to perform such measurements. Lastly we discuss about the most important driving factor of mapping missions – the client’s requirements, and how knowing this can help navigate through legal requirements while performing measuring missions.

Whether you looking out to purchasing a drone or have one that you want to extract the best from, you do not want to miss this episode.

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[04:10] What drone is suitable for measuring height and length of residential property for photogrammetry purposes

[5:53] Factors to consider when starting off on performing mapping

[6:57] Parameters that impact accuracy and how pilots need to balance these parameters when purchasing a drone

[9:51] performing linear and vertical measurements using a drone

[13:03] Understanding client’s requirements to navigate through legal requirements of performing measurements

[14:01] Summarising our response based on the requirements posed in today’s question

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