ADU 01236: How to Fly an Agricultural Drone Mission to Accurately Identify Crop Species and Densities

Today’s show is about determining the best and most efficient workflow for flying drones in agriculture.

Our caller from today, all the way from Portugal wants to know the best and most efficient workflow for scanning agricultural fields with drones.

To help our caller out, we first explain the fundamentals of agricultural drone mapping. You will learn how crops emit a wide range of spectral densities, and how you can use multi-spectral cameras to “read” this data. And different software to accurately interpret it.

You will also learn about different drone laws and regulations that you need to be aware of if you are planning on flying drones in agriculture.

If already generating revenue from this lucrative vertical, listening to this show will give you some quick wins.

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[01:19] Today’s question is on a recommendation for software for agricultural applications for various specifies being grown in a single area
[03:07] How do spectral densities of crop impact drone sensors?
[05:56] Using multi-spectral drone cameras for verifying crop species, densities and diversities
[06:36] The three factors that influence the quality of your drone imagery
[08:07] What are the different software options for assessing spectral densities?
[08:36] How color densities can influence software analysis of crop species
[10:15] Geographical and topology factors that can impact drone missions in agriculture
[12:45] Laws for flying agricultural drones, and how regressive policies are stunting innovation and growth

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