Posit AI Blog: pins 0.4: Versioning

A new version of pins is available on CRAN today, which adds support for versioning your datasets and DigitalOcean Spaces boards!

As a quick recap, the pins package allows you to cache, discover and share resources. You can use pins in a wide range of situations, from downloading a dataset from a URL to creating complex automation workflows (learn more at pins.rstudio.com). You can also use pins in combination with TensorFlow and Keras; for instance, use cloudml to train models in cloud GPUs, but rather than manually copying files into the GPU instance, you can store them as pins directly from R.

To install this new version of pins from CRAN, simply run:

You can find a detailed list of improvements in the pins NEWS file.

To illustrate the new versioning functionality, let’s start by downloading and caching a remote dataset with pins. For this example, we will download the weather in London, this happens to be in JSON format and requires jsonlite to be parsed:

RStudio Connect and Kaggle boards, even for existing pins! Other boards like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure require you explicitly enable versioning when registering your boards.

To try out the new DigitalOcean Spaces board, first you will have to register this board and enable versioning by setting versions to TRUE:

Versioning and DigitalOcean articles. To catch up with previous releases:

Thanks for reading along!

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