What is the Best Way to Learn Drone Accident Reconstruction?

How Can Drone U Help You Learn Accident Reconstruction?

Our caller for today, Marcus has come up with an interesting question that has not been asked on Ask Drone U before.

Marcus’s question is about drone accident reconstruction. Specifically, Marcus wishes to know how Drone U can help him master this specific skill set?

On today’s show, we share some interesting details about our PROPS program.

PROPS LEO is an extensive Drone U course that covers Part 107, public safety, and accident reconstruction.

This course has been developed through extensive collaborations with law enforcement experts and industry majors like Pix4D.

Today’s show will be particularly useful to those keen on learning these niche, in-demand skills.

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  • [00:57] Pro Tip – Here’s how you can build a scalable drone business
  • [12:15] Clear your Part 107, and learn how to fly for public safety and accident reconstruction in PROPS Public Safety LEO
  • [17:58] Today’s question is about accident reconstruction
  • [18:30] Accident, collision or crash?
  • [19:21] Check out our previous show on accident reconstruction
  • [19:56] SkyBrowse vs Pix4D vs React – which app creates the best deliverables?
  • [26:13] Why do federal agencies prefer Pix4D?
  • [34:25] SOP’s taught in PROPS


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