Tata Play Fiber 500 Mbps Plan Cost and Benefits

Tata Play Fiber

Tata Play Fiber, the fiber broadband service arm of Tata Play, offers a 500 Mbps plan to customers at four different prices. The difference between the four prices is because of the validity only. As a general norm that is in the industry, Tata Play Fiber offers discounts to customers if they are purchasing its broadband plans for long-term validities. While the 500 Mbps plan wouldn’t make a lot of sense for regular households, small businesses and offices can purchase this high-speed plan to get their work done. Let’s take a look at all the details of the 500 Mbps plan of Tata Play Fiber.

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Tata Play Fiber 500 Mbps Plan Details

Tata Play Fiber offers its 500 Mbps plan for the following prices – Rs 3600, Rs 10800, Rs 19800, and Rs 36000 for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. So if you go for the 1 or 3 months option, you end up paying Rs 3600 per month. But if you go for the six months and 12 months plan, you will be able to save Rs 1800 and Rs 7200, respectively. The biggest discount is, of course, with the 12 months plan. However, you will have to pay Rs 36,000 all at once upfront for the connection.

The data offered with the 500 Mbps plan of Tata Play Fiber is 3.3TB (high-speed). After the 3.3TB, the speed drops to 3 Mbps. There’s also a fixed-line voice calling connection bundled with the plan; however, the instrument for the landline connection will have to be purchased by the customer separately. You will not have to pay any security deposit if you go for the long-term validity plans. If you go for the monthly option, then you would have to pay a Rs 1000 security deposit (refundable in nature).

Tata Play Fiber promises free installation to customers. There’s also a free-dual band router included with the purchase of the connection. Tata Play Fiber is not present in every part of the nation currently. If you are in one of the big cities of India, then you might be able to get the services of Tata Play Fiber.

What’s Missing from the 500 Mbps Plan of Tata Play Fiber?

The fact that you have to pay such high amounts for a broadband connection and there’s no additional benefit, and that too from a company which is housed under the Tata Group, is strange. If you look at the other players, be it regional broadband service providers or the big players such as Jio and Airtel, you will get OTT benefits with their 500 Mbps plans. Airtel doesn’t have a 500 Mbps plan, but it has a 300 Mbps plan which offers OTT benefits such as Netflix.

It is strange to see that Tata Play Fiber has not bundled OTT benefits with any of its plans. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

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