What is the Best Insurance for My Drone Business?

Today’s show is about drone insurance. 

Buying the right insurance is important for mitigating risk and protecting yourself against personal liabilities. On today’s show, we have Nolan and Chris who need help with purchasing the right insurance for their drone business.

Some of the topics that we cover on today’s show:

What is the advantage of buying whole insurance?

Should you cover your drone under your homeowner’s policy?

Can you still claim damages if you hack your drone?

And so much more…

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  • [01:11] Don’t forget to check out our drone insurance guide
  • [03:05] Today’s question is about buying the best and most affordable drone insurance
  • [04:44] Will going through a broker prove to be beneficial for you?
  • [06:45] Important topics that we cover in today’s show
  • [09:23] What are the benefits of buying whole insurance?
  • [12:31] Back to the basics – what is general liability insurance?
  • [14:13] Mitigating risk and personal liabilities
  • [15:13] Why it’s better to purchase a separate homeowner’s policy
  • [17:50] How do insurance companies calculate coverage
  • [20:15] Is it mandatory to buy a worker’s compensation policy if you’re hiring contractors?
  • [23:58] Are drones covered under a blanket coverage policy?
  • [24:48] Is DJI Care Refresh a good option for you?
  • [27:08] Staying compliant
  • [29:58] Is your drone still covered if you hack it?

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