ADU 01207: Data Acquisition and Processing Strategies for Linear Drone Mapping Projects

Today’s show is all linear drone mapping projects. What is the best and most efficient workflow for such complex projects?

Our caller for today, Gabe is working on a linear drone mapping project that involves mapping a long stretch of 30 kilometers. Gabe would like to know how he can execute this project while complying with all regulatory requirements of LOS. Additionally, Gabe also has some interesting questions pertaining to data loss and choosing the right client deliverable.

To help Gabe out, we reveal the exact workflow that he can follow to avoid data loss. This is particularly important for missions with a low probability of a secondary flight. 

We also have an animated discussion on the pros and cons of different drone mapping software. This is a show you do not want to miss.


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  • [1:02] Agenda for today’s show
  • [02:02] Want to learn how to scale and grow your drone business? Learn about our forthcoming Experience Training  and Sales Training class
  • [04:45] Today’s question is from Gabe on managing the challenges of planning and working on linear mapping projects and how pilots can plan on their deliverables
  • [07:34] The deliverables that clients expect from long linear drone mapping projects
  • [08:20] How to deal with issues that typically crop up from merging data sets from multiple flight splits
  • [09:11] Software solutions and processing workflow for linear mapping flights

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