Apple working on iPad-like smart home display for 2024

iPad Pro 2022 Back View
Apple has an iPad-like smart home controller in the works
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple’s recently announced HomePod 2 packs some impressive smart home capabilities. But that’s not the only product the company is working on.

Apple is reportedly working on several smart home devices, including a smart display. The low-end iPad-like device can control thermostats, lights and do FaceTime calls.

Apple wants a bigger pie of the smart home market

The Cupertino giant is looking to challenge Google and Amazon’s dominance in the smart home segment. For this, the company is working on a wall-mountable iPad-like device, claims Bloomberg’s latest report. Due to development delays, the smart display is now only expected to debut in 2024 at the earliest.

The company is also considering making smart home displays with bigger displays, though the plan is not yet final. And it has even considered making a smart home cradle for its iPad lineup. Google is reportedly working on a docking station for its upcoming Pixel Tablet, which could turn the device into a smart home controller.

New Apple TV with faster internals could launch in 2024

Besides a cheap smart home controller, Apple is working on an Apple TV upgrade for 2024. It will retain the same design as the current model but ship with a faster processor. Despite the speed boost, the streaming box is unlikely to support 8K video playback.

Lastly, the report details that Apple is continuing its work on a device that combines the functionality of Apple TV, HomePod, and a FaceTime camera into one. There have been setbacks in its development, due to which the product is unlikely to launch this year.

Hardware is only one part of the equation that Apple needs to focus on to gain a foothold in the smart home market. Simultaneously, it also needs to work on improving Siri for controlling smart home products.

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