Airtel 5G Plus Powered Smart Farming Use Case

Airtel B2B: Airtel 5G Plus Powered Smart Farming Use Case

5G is a Fifth-Generation Mobile Technology and is a New Global Wireless Standard. 5G enables a new kind of Network that is designed to connect everyone and everything, including machines, smart devices, and anything with a cellular connectivity module. India is already experiencing 5G and is ahead of the World in terms of rolling out 5G Networks, as per recent reports. The deployment of 5G Networks by Bharti Airtel paves the way for many opportunities for Consumers, Businesses and Governments.

Airtel 5G Plus for Business

Airtel offers 5G for Businesses to accelerate digital transformation. 5G is expected to power and optimise IoT, AI, ML, AR, VR and other emerging technologies, redefining how people live, work, connect and play. Hence, Businesses can benefit from a range of use cases they can deliver using Airtel 5G Plus Network.

Why Use Airtel 5G Plus

Airtel puts forward three advantages of its 5G for Business.

  • Businesses can use Airtel’s 5G Plus Technology with the widest eco-system.
  • Network Slicing for differential quality needs.
  • Most Energy Efficient – With Airtel’s eco-friendly technology, it is easier for businesses to sustainably embrace 5G technology.

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What Airtel Can offer for your Business

  • Lower Latency: Airtel 5G Plus offers low latency communication, reliable real-time response from Network, enabling automated industrial operations.
  • Higher Bandwidth: 5G opens up opportunities for new and exciting use cases, and certain use cases need Higher bandwidth. Airtel 5G Plus offers Businesses and Customers alike Higher bandwidths.
  • Greater Device Concurrency: One unique advantage of 5G is its ability to connect many devices simultaneously. As discussed in one of our earlier stories here, 5G can connect machines, humans and anything with cellular connectivity possible, thereby supporting a million devices per square kilometre.

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Airtel’s 5G Use Cases

Airtel has been testing and building many use cases around 5G Technology for a long time. Of the many use cases Airtel has come up with across Business verticals, let’s now know about Smart Farming, an Agricultural specific use case.

Agriculture – Smart Farming

Using 5G technology in the agricultural sector can help farmers become more productive. With sensor-based instruments connected to the 5G Network, agriculture-related Apps with aggregated data can help farmers make informed decisions at various stages of crop and farming.

These IoT-based sensors and devices can be used to detect soil moisture, soil temperature, leaf temperature, Atmospheric humidity, Plant health and much more. As tiny devices need connectivity to transmit data to the cloud via the internet, Cellular connectivity can be an option. Also, IoT devices have no privilege of consuming large amounts of energy, they need a Network that can help optimise communication and resources, and 5G can help.

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Agrow Smart App

Equipped with highly advanced smart sensors and cameras, Agrow smart solution helps farmers track, monitor, analyse and evaluate various parameters. Airtel 5G’s low latency and high-speed data ensure that farmers across the country can make well-informed decisions for a better yield and improve the quality of crops. Using the Agrow Smart App, farmers can access the reports and alerts related to the crop status and the field, along with instructions to rectify the issue.

The solution, designed by L&T smart world and communications and CDAC, is powered by Airtel 5G Network. This solution also helps automate end-to-end processes for farmers to achieve a multi-fold increase in yield.


Agrow Smart App is a Yield as a Service Solution Powered by Airtel 5G Network that empowers farmers’ lives and transforms the farming sector. We will learn about another 5G for Business use case in a different story.

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