Shaker Boxes Made in Japan by Ifuji

Masashi Ifuji experienced his very first Shaker box while browsing a publication when he remained in high school: “I was surprised by the presence of such a pretty, sophisticated things.” Later on, when his training as a master woodworker was underway, Ifuji went on a Shaker expedition to the Eastern United States: “I checked out Pleasant Hill, Mount Lebanon, Hancock, Enfield, Canterbury, Watervliet, Sabbathday Lake, and Old Chatham Shaker websites and museums: it was a really extensive journey,” he informed John and Juli Baker of Mjölk in Toronto, which just recently staged a Ifuji program.

Mjölk is among numerous of our preferred style locations to highlight Ifuji’s work of late. Join us for an appreciatory trip.

Photography thanks to Ifuji, unless kept in mind.

in addition to shaker boxes, ifuj makes furniture and tableware, all in wood. h 9
Above: In addition to Shaker boxes, Ifuj makes furnishings and tableware, all in wood. He lives and operates in Matsumoto, a city Nagano, Japan, where he and his partner run Laboratorio, a multi-faceted emporium and café with an Ifuji’s display room.

ifuji’s new tokyo shop, the box tailor offers the full array of his 10
Above: Ifuji’s brand-new Tokyo store, Package Tailor uses the complete variety of his Shaker receptacles– and the choice to buy custom-made variations, developed to hold particular items, for example. Each uses up to 3 days to make, and Ifuji produces the majority of his spots from plant dyes.

ifuji table and stools at march sf 11
Above Ifuji’s line likewise consists of table and stools freshly offered at March in San Francisco. The Folding Tables, $2,500, a March unique, are made by hand of maple ended up with a color made from logwood, a dark heartwood. The style is imitated British early 20th century project furnishings and collapses for simple storage. Picture through March.

ifuji’s three legged walnut stools are available in three finishes  12
Above: Ifuji’s three-legged walnut stools are offered in 3 surfaces from March, which explains his work as “recreations of old items, developed as a guide to tomorrow by making lessons of the past.” The Walnut Three-Legged Stools, $900, are light and durable–” all of my pieces,” Ifuji states, “are indicated to be utilized.” Picture through March.
a display at ifuji the box tailor in tokyo. “i find that despite th 13
Above: A display screen at Ifuji Package Tailor in Tokyo. “I discover that in spite of packages coming from America, they have such a pureness of style language that they discover universal importance,” Ifuji states.

Ifuji crafts his boxes the standard method, by boiling the wood, forming it, and enabling it to dry in a mold for 2 days. Picture through Mjölk.

a glimpse of the masashi ifuji exhibit at mjölk in toronto, where his oval 14
Above: A peek of the Masashi Ifuji show at Mjölk in Toronto, where his Oval Boxes variety in rate from $75 to $2,000 CAD. See all of the store’s Ifuji offerings here, and check out the interview with Ifuji that accompanied the Mjölk exhibit of his work. Picture through Mjölk.

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