Ballot: British Columbians want blank power over LNG, with low fortify for fossil gas subsidies

VANCOUVER — British Columbians overwhelmingly want the federal government to concentrate on creating renewable power (64.0%) over LNG (18.2%), in keeping with a brand new public opinion survey carried out by means of Stratcom for Blank Power Canada. What’s extra, blank power has persistently been the choice of British Columbians for no less than the previous 3 years.

bar graph showing British Columbians' preference for the government to focus on clean energy over three years (2020 - 2023)

Accordingly, extra British Columbians (44.2%) would oppose LNG enlargement if it reasons B.C. to leave out its local weather goals than would fortify it in this type of case (36.5%). Amongst NDP and unsure electorate, opposition is even upper.

Much more unpopular is the province offering monetary subsidies to fossil gas firms to inspire extra LNG exports, with just about part disagreeing with this concept (47.5%) in comparison to 30.5% who would fortify fossil gas subsidies. As with the former query, NDP and unsure electorate are much more likely to oppose subsidizing LNG. 

two bar graphs showing proportions of british columbians who agree, disagree, or don't know about the statements: (1) approve additional LNG development even if it causes BC to miss climate targets and (2) provide financial subsidies to fossil fuel companies to encourage more LNG exports.

Spotting that B.C. will simplest have such a lot electrical energy to be had, just about one-quarter (23.2%) of British Columbians ranked money-saving warmth pumps and electrical automobiles as the #1 precedence use for B.C.’s electrical energy. That is adopted by means of “present companies and industries electrifying their constructions, operations and automobiles to cut back their carbon footprint and effort prices” and “generating blank hydrogen.”

an ordered list of what british columbians ranked as priority uses for B.C.'s electricity

In the meantime, all six concepts supplied for a way the provincial executive may construct a extra sustainable financial system discovered a majority announcing that they’re very or quite necessary to British Columbians. Of the ones six concepts, respondents ranked coaching the province’s personnel, making an investment in new renewable electrical energy era and transmission, and bringing new investments to B.C. as the highest 3 maximum necessary tasks.

bar graph illustrating how important or not important british columbians rated each idea for building a more sustainable economy

Taking a look again, just about part (45.5%) assume that the former John Horgan executive must have carried out extra to assist save you local weather alternate, whilst a trifling 8% assume that it must have carried out much less.

bar graph showing that only 7.6% of british columbians thought the horgan government should have done less to help prevent climate change

As for the brand new premier, British Columbians could also be extra hopeful this time round: greater than 1 / 4 (27.2%) assume that David Eby’s executive will do a “just right” or “superb process” to assist save you local weather alternate, in comparison to 31.4% who assume it’s going to do “just a truthful process” and simply 12.4% who assume it’s going to do a “deficient process.”


The survey used to be carried out by means of Stratcom with 802 BC grownup citizens from February tenth – February fifteenth, 2023. A random pattern of panelists had been invited to finish the survey from a choice of panels and river assets. A pattern of 802 BC citizens (18+) statistically weighted to check the gender, age, area and percentage of Chinese language mom tongue in BC as in step with the 2021 Census. The knowledge has additionally been weighted to check the 2020 BC provincial election effects. On-line polls don’t file margin of error, on the other hand a equivalent sized likelihood pattern would have a margin of error of +/- 3.4%, 19 instances out of 20.

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