Q&A with Gold Professionals on Digital Dollar, Great Rest and Financial Obligation in the New System

Welcome to ITM Trading’s Wednesday Q&A, where we address your concerns about the monetary markets and worldwide economy. In this episode, our President Eric Griffin and Chief Market Expert Lynette Zang deal with some hard concerns about the Great Reset, worldwide financial obligation, and the brand-new CBDC system. They offer their specialist insights on what’s to come and what financiers require to be knowledgeable about in the existing financial environment.

In this Q&A, Eric and Lynette response concerns sent by audiences like you, offering you a genuine and natural viewpoint on the existing monetary landscape. Tune in to discover the possible effect of the Great Reset on worldwide financial obligation, the threats and chances of the brand-new CBDCs, and more.

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Concern # 1: 0:49
If we are broaching the Great Reset, what takes place to the financial obligation internationally. Is it erased?

Concern # 2: 1:53
When this brand-new system is developed will their be any worth support CBDC’s. Are they producing worth out of thin air much like the dollar? Is this simply another fraud system?

Concern # 3: 6:37
Some monetary consultants are suggesting parking money in Cash Market Funds declaring that is a more secure location than banks? What about short-term t-bills?

Concern # 4: 12:42
Should one reward all financial obligation prior to reset?

Concern # 5: 13:33
How do we send out funds to ITM if we encounter problems with bank transfers?

Concern # 6: 15:48
Do you believe there will ever be a financial obligation jubilee?

Concern # 7: 15:56
What do you consider the concept of BRICS going gold backed … will we be required to go gold backed?!

Concern # 8: 18:33
I have been questioning how the brand-new LIBOR rate modification may impact private home mortgage agreements? I have a home mortgage so I wonder if this will impact us and how?

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