What truly occurred with Vikings’ missed out on NFL draft choice in 2003 

FOR THE BRIEFEST of minutes, the Minnesota Vikings‘ 2003 draft space swelled with relief. A crazy effort to trade their No. 7 choice had actually relatively concluded with a last-minute offer. Rob Brzezinski, Minnesota’s vice president of football operations at the time, had actually reported the terms to the NFL’s draft table in New york city with 32 seconds staying in their 15-minute time allocation. The Vikings would switch choices with the Baltimore Ravens at No. 10 in exchange for the Ravens’ 4th- and sixth-round draft choices.

Brzezinski, coach Mike Tice and the rest of management relaxed to enjoy the Ravens make their choice, all the while hoping their own target– Oklahoma State defensive take on Kevin Williams— stayed on the board through No. 10. Within seconds, they discovered something unusual: The group logo design on the ESPN broadcast had not altered.

” We had actually employed the trade, and we believed it was done,” Brzezinski stated. “We’re all sitting there in the draft space, simply enjoying on television, and all hell broke out.”

It turned into one of the wildest scenes in contemporary NFL draft history. The league never ever performed the trade– for factors the league never ever totally described– and the Vikings’ time ended.

In the taking place confusion, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers leapt ahead to make choices prior to the Vikings regrouped and prepared Williams at No. 9.

The gaffe subjected the Vikings to nationwide shame in genuine time ESPN anchor Chris Berman buried his face in his hands on the live broadcast, and previous coach Dennis Green, part of the broadcast group, mocked them. A draft celebration crowd back in Eden Grassy field, Minnesota, of almost 5,000 fans booed Tice when he showed up to resolve them. In the subsequent months, the NFL silently worked to execute a series of procedure modifications to guarantee it might never ever take place once again.

As amusing as it may have been to the general public, the episode cut deeply on individuals included. Twenty years later on, they can expose a fuller story of how the mistake unfolded and why. It includes countless dollars, an unanswered phone and a senior tossing blasphemies at a 6-foot-8 head coach.

Then-owner Red McCombs blamed the Vikings’ front workplace for a messy draft procedure. However in different interviews this spring, Brzezinski and Tice revealed a vital truth: McCombs had actually required a trade down prior to the draft began, including a special level of pressure to the situations. Brzezinski, presently the Vikings’ executive vice president of football operations, decreased to hypothesize on why. Tice, who retired from training in 2018, stated the factor appeared to anybody who comprehended the group’s cash-strapped position at the time.

” We were delegated presume the apparent,” Tice stated, “which was the distinction in the agreement at [a lower spot in the draft].”

McCombs passed away in February at age 95. Tice stated he did not wish to speak ill of the previous owner, and Brzezinski highlighted “this is not to discharge ourselves from obligation, make reasons or blame others.” However it’s clear that without the required, the Vikings would have picked Williams at No. 7 instead of keep promoting a weak trade with a partner that was lukewarm at finest. Williams’ finalizing bonus offer alone had to do with $3 million less at No. 9 than it would have been at No. 7, based upon the NFL’s novice pay scale at the time.

” Eventually, Red got what he desired,” a Vikings staff member from that period stated. “He got Kevin Williams at a more affordable rate– however all of us got ashamed.”

AMONG THE most typical mistaken beliefs of NFL draft tradition is that the Vikings missed their choice 2 years in a row. In truth, it was the Dallas Cowboys whose time ended in 2002 at No. 6. The Vikings’ error that year was not fasting sufficient to leap ahead of the Cowboys in line from their area at No. 7.

That year, Tice had actually acknowledged openly that the Vikings wished to prepare North Carolina protective lineman Ryan Sims The Kansas City Chiefs likewise yearned for Sims and were finishing a trade with the Cowboys to get Sims at No. 6 when time ended.

In those days, the NFL held its drafts in New york city City, at Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall. Groups picked gamers by advising an on-site agent to compose the name on a card and provide it to an NFL authorities near the phase. Upon recognizing the Cowboys’ time had actually ended, the Vikings attempted to get their card to the phase initially, however the Chiefs’ agent beat him to the phase, according to then-Chiefs president Carl Peterson.

The Vikings prepared Miami left take on Bryant McKinnie rather. After the draft, McCombs rearranged the group’s front workplace, putting Brzezinski and director of college hunting Scott Studwell in charge of the draft, ahead of vice president of gamer workers Frank Gilliam, with Tice keeping a substantial voice.

In 2003, the Vikings were identified to keep their draft prepares a trick. After Williams’ dominant efficiency in the Elder Bowl, the Vikings’ management group– Brzezinski, Tice and Studwell– concurred he would be their leading target at No. 7. Then they went to terrific lengths to reduce their opportunities of a repeat of 2002.

” I didn’t talk with the Vikings one bit,” Williams stated just recently from his house in Arkansas. “I was believing I would get prepared in the leading 15, however I didn’t understand where.”

If all worked out, the Vikings’ stealth strategy would net them a possibility they yearned for more than any other. Then, on the early morning of the preliminary, a knock originated from outside the draft space door.

McCOMBS HAD PURCHASED the Vikings in 1998 for $206 million. 3 years into his period, he grew annoyed with the restricted regional earnings he got from playing house video games at the Metrodome, which had actually restricted stocks of the sort of club seats and high-end boxes that drive arena earnings. State federal government authorities had actually explained they would not assist change the arena till after the group’s lease ended in 2011.

In a 2001 interview with the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, McCombs stated he had actually covered earnings deficiencies for 2 successive seasons and would not continue. Asked whether that choice would affect football budget plans, he stated: “I believe we enjoy that mode now. I believe it would be apparent that it would.”

Indications of that spending plan cutting were all over by 2002, when McCombs fired Green and changed him with Tice, the group’s offending line coach, who accepted end up being the lowest-paid coach in the NFL. The payroll for assistant coaches was likewise the NFL’s least expensive, Tice stated at the time. McCombs did not work with a basic supervisor after Green left, and prior to completion of the year, McCombs advised his lenders at JP Morgan Chase to get purchase deals for the franchise.

That was the background for the 2003 fiasco. As Tice remembers it, Vikings president Gary Woods pulled the group’s leading authorities from the draft space into a corridor to notify them of McCombs’ required. Nobody was amazed.

” We figured that was foregone conclusion,” Tice stated. “There may have been some humming a couple of days prior to that we were going to get ‘pushed’ to trade the choice, if you will. However I do understand that in the early morning, right at the time when the draft began, we were informed to trade the choice.”

Woods, who stays an officer of McCombs Enterprises in San Antonio, did not return several telephone call and e-mails.

Brzezinski started working the phones however discovered reasonably light interest for the No. 7 area. ESPN reported at the time that the Vikings talked to the Jaguars and the New England Patriots, however the Ravens were constantly the likeliest target, offered their assumed interest in preparing Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich, who was thought about the second-best quarterback in the draft after USC’s Carson Palmer Brzezinski kept pressing, however the Ravens’ finest deal– 4th- and sixth-rounders– was a substantial loss on the Jimmy Johnson trade worth chart, a popular tool at the time.

The rate for running the risk of the loss of a desirable gamer ought to have been much greater. Eventually, however, the Vikings had no option. They reported the offer by phone to Joel Bussert, the NFL’s vice president of gamer workers, and presumed the Ravens were doing the very same.

They never ever did. According to the Ravens, their call to Bussert went unanswered.

” The offer was not consummated,” basic supervisor Ozzie Newsome stated at the time. “An offer is not an offer till I talk with Joel Bussert, and I never ever talked with Joel Bussert.”

Newsome duplicated that description to Brzezinski throughout a subsequent telephone call.



Flashback: Vikings’ hold-up shocks 1st round of 2003 draft

Throughout the 2003 NFL draft, the Vikings at first missed their possibility to prepare in the preliminary, permitting the Jaguars and Panthers to make choices prior to Minnesota made one.

” Ozzie stated he could not make it through,” Brzezinski stated. Newsome, who stepped down as GM in 2018 however is now the Ravens’ executive vice president, decreased to comment.

Asked whether he thought the Ravens’ account, Tice stated: “Most likely not 100% in belief of it. However it is what it is. It’s what we were informed, and how are you going to state that’s B.S.? We simply proceeded.”

Bussert, who retired in 2015, decreased to comment through an NFL representative.

” It had actually never ever occurred in history,” Brzezinski stated, “however it might have been a breakdown with the league in their procedure.”

In the taking place minutes, nevertheless, the Jaguars (No. 8) and Panthers (No. 9) sprang into action.

Among the tasks of the onsite group agent was to enjoy the main draft clock, which is not noticeable to groups in their draft spaces. Jaguars video director Mike Perkins remained in New york city and started informing group authorities when the Vikings’ time allocation was down to 20 seconds.

” Minnesota’s table was ideal to my left, like 5 feet from me,” stated Perkins, now the Jaguars’ senior director of football innovation. “And I’m taking a look at them and they do not have actually a card completed.”

Perkins advised his superiors in Jacksonville to offer him a name he might send if the Vikings’ time ended.

“[They said], ‘OK, fill this card out: Byron Leftwich,'” he stated.

Jackie Miles, then the Panthers’ devices supervisor, had actually been enjoying both the clock and Bussert from his perch in New york city.

” When it came down to about 2 minutes,” Miles stated, “I’m informing our individuals back in the war space. They asked if there was any activity at the [NFL] table. I’m enjoying the trade phone. … They weren’t getting the phone. Minnesota wasn’t doing anything at their table. There was no activity. I stated, ‘People, get something prepared for me.'”

Seconds after the Jaguars prepared Leftwich, the Panthers kipped down their card for Utah offensive take on Jordan Gross In the meantime, the Vikings had actually urgently advised Leo Lewis, their director of gamer advancement, to hurry a card with Williams’ name on it. They got Williams at No. 9, prior to the Ravens picked Arizona State linebacker Terrell Suggs

Williams was uninformed of the series of occasions. He was participating in a cookout in Arkansas, awaiting his phone to ring, when his sibling’s sweetheart discovered his name on the broadcast. That was the very first indication of difficulty.

” Generally they call you prior to the choice is revealed to let you understand,” Williams stated. “I learnt later on that it had actually been a fiasco, however truthfully, I never ever even cared to ask Tice or Studwell or anybody about it. It never ever mattered to me. If I was prepared ninth total or No. 7 or whatever you wish to call it, I wished to do my task. I believed I sufficed. I wished to reveal it and be all I might be for the Minnesota Vikings.”

When it was over, the Vikings’ draft space burst into event, Tice stated.

” Our most significant worry was that in some way we would lose Kevin Williams,” Tice stated. “He was our person. We remained in celebratory state of mind when we got Kevin. Think me.”

And After That, Tice emerged from the draft space. He strolled to the group’s indoor center to resolve what he presumed would be a friendly crowd, one that would share in the event.

He was incorrect.

THE CELEBRATION WAS hosted by 2 members of the Vikings’ radio group at the time, play-by-play commentator Paul Allen and expert Mike Morris. Uninformed of the Vikings’ interest in Williams, Allen had actually been leading the crowd in cheers for Suggs throughout the hours leading up to the Vikings’ choice.

” I believe partly since of the Suggs things we started,” Allen stated, “and likewise since of the truth that individuals were puzzled and some were inebriated and had no concept what occurred, they simply booed the entire scenario vociferously. Then Mike Tice came out and he was going to be spoken with by me and [Morris.]”

As Tice showed up, his 6-foot-8 frame dressed up in a pinstriped match, a lady approached him on the phase.

” She was standing right there MF-ing me, guy,” Tice stated. “I’m getting heckled and chewed out by Granny Smith.”

Resolving her and attempting to be heard over the din, Tice stated, “OK, OK. Cool down.” KFAN-100.3 FM, the Vikings’ flagship station, still utilizes that sound bite as a bit on its day-to-day talk programs.

” I’m getting heckled and chewed out by Granny Smith.”

Vikings coach Mike Tice

” It’s amusing– now,” Tice stated, however Allen keeps in mind believing Tice was deeply harmed in the minute.

” I do not have any verification on this,” Allen stated, “however in understanding Mike along with I do and as long as I have, Mike truly appreciated popular opinion. He appreciated what the general public stated, favorably and adversely. I ‘d need to think the experience he had with those boos which woman cussing at him most likely stuck to him for rather a long time.”

Some proof: For his last 2 drafts throughout his period as head coach, Tice welcomed Allen into his workplace prior to the draft to share information of the group’s draft board.

” He would state, ‘So we do not have any Suggs chants, here’s how our board sets out in the very first 20, and do not inform any person,” Allen stated. “So there was serendipity for me. We understood who the Vikings wished to choose, and it assisted us form the environment [during draft parties].”

It was likewise a lucky minute for the Vikings. Although the missed out on choice never ever troubled Williams, he discovered the Suggs chants insulting.

” That sort of stuck to me,” Williams stated. “It was among those, ‘I’ll reveal you’ kind of offers. I discovered inspiration in it. I was out to show I was among the very best gamers in the draft anyhow, and it just included more self-motivation.”

SUGGS WENT ON to a most likely Hall of Popularity profession, taping 139 sacks in 16 seasons. However Williams joined him on a list of the very best gamers of the 2003 draft. He taped 10.5 sacks as a novice, made All-Pro honors 5 times, was called to 6 Pro Bowl groups and was inducted into the Vikings’ Ring of Honor in 2021.

” I believe at the end of the day, Minnesota still got the much better end of the stick, in my viewpoint,” Williams stated. “If I ended up being an insufficient gamer, I believe everyone would still be discussing it.”

Stated Tice: “I wager you nobody is heckling that choice now.”

The Vikings likewise took solace in the truth that both Williams and McKinnie, their fallback choice in 2002, were beginners on the 2009 group that played in the NFC National Championship. And in spite of the first-round mess, the 2003 draft class was most likely the Vikings’ finest of the years. All 7 gamers appeared in video games as novices. Second-round choice E.J. Henderson began 105 video games over 9 seasons at middle linebacker. Third-round receiver Nate Burleson produced a 1,000-yard season in 2004 and went on to an 11-year profession.

The Vikings looked for however never ever got a thorough reaction from the NFL about the phone line, Brzezinski stated. However Bussert verified through an NFL representative that, starting in 2004, the league included several phones and extra staffing to its football operations table at the draft, modifications that appeared to resolve the Ravens’ description. Nowadays, groups send their options digitally through league software application.

Can a fuller set of truths change the debate’s design template?

” It was awkward, however I believe what’s crucial is that we got the person that we desired,” Brzezinski stated. “I’m truly pleased with our scouts and coaches for recognizing Kevin. He remains in our Ring of Honor and is possibly a Hall of Popularity gamer. We wound up attaining the objective that we wished to accomplish. However could we have done it without the shame and the circus? Naturally.”

ESPN’s Michael DiRocco and David Newton added to this report.

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