Utilizing House Assistant to incorporate a Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell and Amazon Alexa to reveal visitors


I am not a House Assistant specialist, however it’s plainly an enormous and effective environment. I have actually spoken with the developer of House Assistant on my podcast and I motivate you to take a look at that chat.

House Assistant can rapidly end up being a pastime that overwhelms you. Every item (entity) in your home that is even from another location linked can end up being programmable. Whatever. Even individuals! You can state that any name: worth set that (for instance) your phone can expose can be consumable by House Assistant. Concerns like “is Scott house” or “what’s Scott’s phone battery” can be connected with Scott the Entity in the House Assistant Control Panel.

I was surprised at the devices/objects that House Assistant found that it might automate. Lights, remotes, Spotify, and more. You’ll discover that any internally linked gadget you have most likely has a Combination offered.

Temperature Level, Light Status, sure, that’s simple House Automation. However combinations and 3rd celebration code can offer you information like “Is the Living Space dark” or “exists movement in the driveway.” From these foundation, you can then construct your own IFTTT (If This Then That) automations, integrating not simply 2 systems, however any and all diverse systems.

What’s the very best part? This all runs in your area. Not in a cloud or the cloud or anybody’s cloud. I have actually got my things operating on a Raspberry Pi 4 Even much better I put a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) hat on my Rpi so I have simply one network wire into my center that powers the Pi.

I think establishing House Assistant on a Pi is the very best and most convenient method to start. That stated, you can likewise run in a Docker Container, on a Synology or other NAS, or simply on Windows or Mac in the background. It depends on you. Optionally, you can pay Nabu Casa $5 for remote (outdoors your home) network gain access to by means of transparent forwarding. However to be clear, everything still runs inside your home and not in the cloud.

Basic Home Assistant Setup

OK, to the bottom line. I utilized to have an Amazon Ring Doorbell that would incorporate with Amazon Alexa and when you pushed the doorbell it would state “Somebody is at the front door” on our all Alexas. It was a charming little combination that worked well in our lives.

Front Door UniFi G4 Doorbell

Nevertheless, I switched out the Ring for a Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell for a variety of factors. I do not wish to pump video to outdoors services, so this doorbell incorporates well with my existing Unifi setup and records video to a regional hard disk drive. Nevertheless, I lose any Alexa combination and this great little “somebody is at the door” statement. So this looks like an ideal task for House Assistant.

Here’s the basic todo list:

  • Install House Assistant
  • Install House Assistant Neighborhood Shop
    • This makes it possible for 3rd celebration “untrusted” combinations straight from GitHub. You’ll require a GitHub account and it’ll clone custom-made combinations straight into your regional HA.
    • I likewise suggest the Terminal & & SSH (9.2.2), Submit editor (5.3.3) include ons so you can see what’s occurring.
  • Get the UniFi Protect 3rd celebration combination for House Assistant
    • KEEP IN MIND: Unifi Protect assistance is being promoted in House Assistant v2022.2 so you will not require this action quickly as it’ll be consisted of.
    • ” The UniFi Protect Combination includes assistance for obtaining Cam feeds and Sensing unit information from a UniFi Protect setup on either an Ubiquiti CloudKey+, Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Device Pro or UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder.”
    • Authenticate and configure this combination.
  • Get the Alexa Media Gamer combination
    • This makes all your Alexas appear in House Assistant as “media gamers” and likewise permits you to tts (text to speech) to them.
    • Authenticate and configure this combination.

I suggest entering into your Alexa app and making a Multi-room Speaker Group called “all over.” Not just due to the fact that it’s great to be able to state “play the music all over” however you can likewise target that “All over” group in House Assistant.

Enter Into your House Assistant UI at http://homeassistant.local:8123/ and into Designer Tools Under Provider, attempt pasting in this YAML and clicking “call service.”

 service: notify.alexa _ media_everywhere.
message: Somebody is at the front door, this is a test.
type: reveal.
approach: speak

If that works, you understand you can automate Alexa and make it state things. Now, go to Setup, Automation, and Include a brand-new Automation. Here’s mine. I utilized the UI to develop it. Keep in mind that your Entity names might be various if you offer your front doorbell cam a various name.


Notification the format of Information, it’s name worth sets within a single field’s worth.

Alexa Action

… however it likewise exists in a file called Automations.yaml. Keep in mind that the “to: ‘on'” trigger is needed or you’ll get double statements, one for each state modification in the doorbell.

- id: '1640995128073'.
alias: G4 Doorbell Statement with Alexa.
description: G4 Doorbell Statement with Alexa.
- platform: state.
entity_id: binary_sensor. front_door_doorbell.
to: 'on'.
- service: notify.alexa _ media_everywhere.
type: reveal.
approach: speak.
message: Somebody is at the front door.
mode: single

It works! There’s a lots of cool things I can automate now!

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